For many, art is a risky investment, not for its price volatility, but for the absence of adequate benchmarks and the fear of fraudulent trades. Being subject to personal tastes and preferences adds to the vague image of the art world.

Due to our capability in eliminating such concerns, we believe art investment is misunderstood and underestimated.

To confirm authenticity, we deal solely with industry professionals that have intact reputation in the market with decades of track record. Moreover, we help clients attain certificates of authenticity directly from painters or from well-known galleries or art houses. In the absence of benchmarks, we constantly monitor the market for price levels and trading activity of reputable painters and frequently-traded paintings.

Through our access to off-market opportunities, we help our clients acquire artifacts at below market prices, securing a head-start bargain deal and a guaranteed profit margin. Our expertise in art lies in dealing with paintings and sculptures of Middle Eastern and Armenian origin.

If you are interested in acquiring unique and genuine artifacts that will help you diversify your investments, reduce your total investment risk, earn a lucrative return, and even decorate your surroundings, kindly Contact Us.

See our gallery below to enjoy a selection of artifacts acquired through Phoenicia Capital Advisory’s expertise.