Strategic Business Advisory

Adequate strategic planning makes the difference between an organization’s success and demise. At every stage of a business, companies face challenges and a single strategic mistake could prove to be very costly.

At Phoenicia Capital Advisory, we provide an objective perspective to identify issues, analyze problems and recommend actions. We also provide hands-on support as needed to assist in implementation and the measurement of progress and results of our advisory. Whether you want to expand, divest, merge, adapt or improve part or all of your operations, we have the expertise and strategic perspective to reveal opportunities and achieve results.

We are poised to provide the following strategic advisory solutions that encompass:

ü  Performing in-depth market assessment and competitive analyses.

ü  Establishing strategic alliances or joint ventures.

ü  Evaluating alternative corporate structures and defining the optimal.

ü  Evaluating alternative capital structures and defining the optimal.

ü  Developing business plans and investor briefings.

ü  Advising on explicit corporate turnaround actions.