All over the world, people constantly try cracking the capital markets code by building complicated amendments around original theories using complex mathematical formulae, building projections based on self-convincing assumptions, all with the hope of multiplying their wealth within a day or two. Such a reality does not exist. It’s just too good to be true. And if something is too good to be true, then it’s too good to be legal.

Since the time of Graham, the art and science of investing underwent similar evolutionary confusing phenomena. In such instances, we believe it is best to keep things simple, take a step back and look at the big picture as a whole. Because the reality remains, any asset that you buy, whatever it may be has to be a good asset offered at a fair price, or preferably at below fair price.

Unfortunately, greed makes investors keep drifting away from this simple common sense, despite decades of facts which have shown that patient disciplined investors end up making higher returns than speculators or hustling investors. Thus, we are determined to bring back the old school of value investing. We implement the same Buffeterian mentality of ignoring Mr. Market and having done our share of analyses, we stick by our decision.

Investment Strategy

Phoenicia Capital Advisory operates on a value investing strategy driven by fundamental factors categorized under two major elements:

·         A Sound Business: Initially, for us to consider buying a certain stock, the company has to qualify as a ‘Sound Business’. In analyzing a business, we go beyond the mere financials of the company; we assess the adequacy of the assets, the terms of the liabilities, the sustainability of the competitive advantage and company profitability, the competence and integrity of management, the innovative spirit and so on.

·         Below Fair Value: Having a company qualified as a ‘Sound Business’, pricing is yet another issue. A company that is trading below its fair value or what it is actually worth is believed to be a bargain and is assumed to witness a correction whereby price and value converge. Buying an overvalued stock, no matter how promising the business, makes no lucrative sense.

Investment Process

At Phoenicia Capital Advisory we implement our strategy with a disciplined investment process comprised of two interlinked phases best described in the diagram below:


Why Invest With Us

Investing your money with Phoenicia Capital Advisory has several advantages which may be characterized as:


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